LA County Marriage Officiant and Marriage License

Marriage License Los Angeles

You need a marriage license before you get married. How do you get a marriage license in Los Angeles? It’s easy. I can do that for you. I am authorized by Los Angeles County to issue a confidential marriage license to you before you get married. And being an L.A. wedding officiant, I can officiate your wedding right afterward.

There are two types of marriage licenses in California: a public record marriage license and a confidential marriage license. To me, the better choice is the confidential marriage license. There are many reasons for this. A California confidential marriage license:

  1. protects your private information from stalkers, identity thieves, telemarketers, the press
  2. protects anyone from knowing that you’re married unless you want them to know. (In order to know, they would have to go to court to get a copy of the marriage license.)
  3. allows an agent, such as myself, to issue your wedding license on-site without you having to wait in the long lines of the Los Angeles Registrar Recorder-County Clerk. I’ll do that for you.
LA County Marriage Officiant and Marriage License
Chris can issue you an LA County Marriage License


If you don’t want a confidential marriage license (which I don’t understand) then you must go to the County Clerk’s Office to get one yourself. There are many reasons why you don’t want to do that. I’ll explain on another page.

So, give me a call or an email. I can make it easy for you, and that’s what a wedding should be. Easy.

Wedding Officiant Los Angeles

What is a Wedding Officiant?

Most people don’t know what a wedding officiant is.   Simply, it is any person who is authorized to solemnize a couple’s marriage.  In other words, a wedding officiant is any person with the legal authority to perform a valid marriage ceremony for a couple who has acquired a valid marriage license.

Wedding Officiant Los Angeles
Wedding Officiant Los Angeles, Chris Robinson after a Malibu Wedding

What is a wedding officiant? Section 400 of the California Family Code provides that marriages may be solemnized by any of the following who is 18 years of age or older:

* A minister, priest, rabbi or other authorized person of any religious denomination

* An active or retired judge, an active or retired commissioner of civil marriages, or an active or retired commissioner or assistant commissioner of a California court of record

* A judge or magistrate who has resigned from office

* Any active or retired judge or magistrate of the United States Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Court, Bankruptcy Court, Tax Court

* A legislator of constitutional officer of California or an member of Congress who represents a district with California.


Either way, you are married after you’ve gone through the paperwork and the ceremony. And that is what a wedding officiant is.